Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Federalism Revisited or Why Principles Matter

ISSUE: New Immigration Legislation in Arizona

Democrats: Federal power usurps that of the States...

Republicans: State Sovereignty is critical...

ISSUE: Supreme Court Ruling on Second Amendment Incorporation

Democrats: State Sovereignty is critical...

Republicans: Federal power usurps that of the States...

Conflict, anyone?

What more evidence do you need of the ever-encroaching presence of utilitarianism in the public psyche? What's that you say? These objectively conflicting means will help me meet my subjective ends? Sign me up! Meanwhile, back in the world of ideas, some of us have to wonder why people are so quick to ditch their principles. Which is it? Do you believe in federalism or not? Are you willing to throw those principles away if you think it will help you keep your guns or protect immigrants for some unspecified time? Maybe we should all sit back and think about things a little harder.

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